Feb. 29th, 2012

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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] full_metal_ox at On invisible disability and "passing".
Welcome to[livejournal.com profile] dungeonwriter's neurotype issues:

Passing means being terrified to ask for help because you will have to identify yourself as disabled

Passing means people complimenting you for being so normal when you do disclose

Passing means taking that as a compliment, even if it hurts.

Passing means people will say vicious things in front of you and not understand why your laughter seems forced

Passing means having a terror you will regress and you will lose your wonderful passing privilege

Passing means people refusing to accommodate you because you’re just so normal

Passing means not fitting in in the disabled community or the mainstream community

Passing means feeling guilty because you can pass but feeling so very relieved when you see the freedom it gives you

Passing means pushing beyond your limits every single day, no matter what health problems it causes, because “you can beat it, damn it.”

Passing means that everyone calls you inspiring and begs to know how you were cured.

Passing means looking into the tearful eyes of parents who tell you they would happily die if their kid could be as “normal” as you and wishing you could help them see that there's so much they don't see

Passing means you are disabled and abelist at the same time.

Passing means disabled friends resent you for fitting in and abled friends wonder why you’re just so weird sometimes

Passing means that the friends who speaking of social change are doomed because society is so much stronger than anyone of us are

Passing means hiding your tears until you’re alone and exhausted and so burned out that you are literally shaking and lying on the floor

Passing means the mask cracking and you can feel the disappointment because you just couldn’t handle it anymore

Passing means trying 110% and not having anyone notice because it’s expected

Passing means being afraid to be the person you are.

Passing means not knowing who you are.

Passing means being who they want you to be.

Context unlocked and QWP.


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